Inside the Mirror Maze on Petřín Hill by emma piper-burket

There is a Mirror Maze on Petřín Hill, it is from the 1891 General Land Centennial Exhibition- When Prague was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. All of these "temporary" world's fair buildings from a hundred-plus years ago end up being some of my favorite structures (The Palace!). And that is why I chose it as the location for my latest small school assignment (Location Drama).

I spent a chilly Wednesday with my friend, the cinematographer Vladimir Dimoski, shooting inside this Mirror Maze- we got a little lost... and I'm a bit nervous about the editing because I am sure to get lost again... but as I crawled around the floor chasing a green ball and plastic apple, dodging lost children, and tourists snapping photographs I was extremely grateful that this counted as "work."

And after this, I am going to try to promise that this lost/labyrinth theme has run it's course at least for the time being. I guess I have a trilogy now. 1 and 2 completed, and now this is 3.