CINE-JAM by emma piper-burket

These past weeks have been filled with magical meetings in a warm apartment near Kampa. Muriel Aboulrouss' 4th CINE-JAM workshop took place in Prague this Fall and I am so grateful to have been one of the participants.  The 8 of us in the workshop each made a personal film based on an internal emotion, ferreted out during our first weekend together. It was an incredibly intuitive filmmaking journey, one that is rarely given to film students (structure, what structure?); and it's funny, but I can already see how the techniques we used in this workshop can also be applied to our more "traditional" filmmaking projects-- adding a layer of authenticity and heart that can often be forgotten in a school setting.


There will be two screenings of the fruits of our labor:  FAMU screening room, 1st floor

Monday 11 November, 7PM

Saturday 16 November, 4PM