Hedgehog in the Fog by emma piper-burket

Yuriy Norshteyn came to FAMU yesterday, it was the first time I saw his amazingly delicate and intricate animations.  He said something in the discussion afterwards, that might be my favorite thing ever said about filmmaking.  He told the story of a man in an asylum scrbbling furiously on a piece of paper. Another man approaches him and asks, "What are you doing?" "I'm writing," the man replies. "Writing what?" "A letter to myself." "What is it about?" the other man asks. "I don't know I haven't received it yet."

And that is what filmmaking is; he then went on to say never to trust anyone who says they know exactly what they are doing.  It's good to be reassured (by one of the greats) that the process of discovering is at the heart of filmmaking; because really unraveling that mystery is what makes this work exciting yet somehow we are always expected to present ourselves as having it all figured out.  Now to just encourage/find/develop a film funding system that also acknowledges this process of discovery!