David Hockney is Prolific & a New Year's Resolution by emma piper-burket

2014 started with a firework-y bang, the Pacific Ocean shimmering through a giant camera obscura, and a visit to the de Young Museum.  

There was a massive David Hockney exhibition (A Bigger Exhibition) at the de Young... his work from 2002-present. Over 300 pieces, some of it I really loved -- like the painted raindrops in a few scenes, the changing of seasons, a line here and there. And the portraits, which had an appealing odd quirky quality, but as I was looking at them I wondered what about them made them museum-worthy (ah that eternally long and tiresome debate...). Somehow Hockney's portraits brought to mind this thrift store couple (photo below) I encountered at a charity shop in Petaluma over the summer. I loved them too in their way.  Same odd quirky quality, then somehow a thought hit me rather hard. The most interesting thing to me about the exhibit, wasn't the work itself but the way that seeing it all together reflected what he was interested in during this time period. Hockney's prolificness gives us something to follow, a way to understand the individual pieces which may or may not be very interesting.  They told a story.

I have a tendency to dwell on things. Store them up. Save them, mull over them, move them around but never quite "do" them, unless pushed. I want them to be perfect, to do what I want them to do, but this is a mistake.

This year, 2014, I am going to let things go.  Maybe before I feel they are ready, maybe without understanding why they are the way they are, or why they are at all.  An exercise a week. Posted here. Let's see how it goes. Happy New Year!