short film

Kiev Moscow by emma piper-burket

In the Fall of 2015, just as I was graduating from my MFA program at FAMU, I produced the graduate thesis film of my friend the lovely Anna Lyubynetska. We shot in Prague and Kiev. I am happy and honored to announce that this past Saturday Kiev Moscow won the Czech Lion award for best student film of 2016. The film will be making a small tour through cities in the Czech Republic through ishorts and will make its festival debut next month in Dresden. More updates to follow.

Inside the Mirror Maze on Petřín Hill by emma piper-burket

There is a Mirror Maze on Petřín Hill, it is from the 1891 General Land Centennial Exhibition- When Prague was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. All of these "temporary" world's fair buildings from a hundred-plus years ago end up being some of my favorite structures (The Palace!). And that is why I chose it as the location for my latest small school assignment (Location Drama).

I spent a chilly Wednesday with my friend, the cinematographer Vladimir Dimoski, shooting inside this Mirror Maze- we got a little lost... and I'm a bit nervous about the editing because I am sure to get lost again... but as I crawled around the floor chasing a green ball and plastic apple, dodging lost children, and tourists snapping photographs I was extremely grateful that this counted as "work."

And after this, I am going to try to promise that this lost/labyrinth theme has run it's course at least for the time being. I guess I have a trilogy now. 1 and 2 completed, and now this is 3.